"Planning a wedding is no joke. Dress fittings, cake tasting, flower selections, coordinating out-of-towners… Finding the right photographer can easily become just another task amongst the hundreds of somewhat tedious items on the to-do list.

My mom came to the rescue by suggesting that Carlos and I meet with Trevor. Both Carlos and I were impressed with Trevor’s website and his sample portfolio, but we were blown away by his approachable demeanor, quiet but eager energy, and talent for capturing the essence of not just a wedding, but OUR wedding.

My album just wouldn’t have been complete without including Carlos´ jitters, my goofiness, our lovably rebellious priest, the traditional Spanish folkdance, the Jamaicans´ reggae dance moves, a private moment sneaked by my new sister-in-law and one of my cousins, and—of course—the twinkle of our eyes after 'I do.' Trevor caught all the special moments without being intrusive or obvious. In fact, I don’t think I noticed Trevor but two or three times throughout the entire evening!

One of Trevor’s best attributes as our wedding photographer was his reliability and efficiency. He came through on every promise regarding delivery and completion dates, and he never delayed in returning an email or a phone call. Although I moved to Spain shortly after the wedding, Trevor never seemed to be too far away to answer a question or make a suggestion. He even did me a big favor by mailing a package of photographs to me here in Madrid.

I’ve already recommended Trevor to friends, family and co-workers and I personally cannot wait for the next occasion to hire him".

Alisha & Carlos
Madrid, Spain



"Choosing a wedding photographer when you are a photographer yourself is not easy, and to say that my expectations were high would be an understatement. I knew, or at least I presumed that I would struggle to find a photographer whom I considered good enough to photograph our special day. Of course my wife to be left this duty to me, and this being my only real responsibility, except turning up on the day, I could not fail to find the best in the business.

Stumbling across Trevor's website and seeing his work, attention to detail and high level of creative flair was like a weight literally being lifted off my shoulders. Meeting Trevor only further enhanced my confidence and trust in his ability.

Trevor's unassuming yet confident approach made for the perfect mix of photography without obtrusion. I'm still not quite sure how Trevor managed to capture quite so many photographs without ever being seen, a true skill in itself. Trevor's relaxed attitude made it easy to smile and enjoy the moment. Trevor's charm when dealing with the always difficult group shots brought a smile to everyone's face.

Our album is something that my wife and I will treasure forever, and we could not be happier with every last photograph, they are all perfect. Thank you so much."

Andrew and Noula
London, England


“My husband and I (really just me) spent months searching for the perfect photographer to capture the most important moment of our lives together. This was one element of my wedding, where I didn't want to go wrong. I didn't mind spending a little more time or money on photography, seeing as this would be the only physical reminder of our wedding in the years to come! Finding the absolute PERFECT photographer was crucial!

I spent my fair share of time blog stalking several websites of various photographers in the state of Florida. It is even safe to say that I ventured outside to other states such as North Carolina, New York and Georgia. After speaking with countless numbers over the phone, I still wasn't satisfied with what I had found. It was hard enough planning a destination wedding and doing everything over the internet and phone, but then I stumbled upon Trevor's blog. I was truly amazed how similar his style of photography was to my own. Trevor seemed to be the one that I was looking for all along, and after I talked with him, I was even more assured that he was the perfect photographer to capture our wedding!

The attention that Trevor gave us, even before the day of the wedding, along with his extreme attention to detail, allowed for us to be ourselves and feel extremely comfortable the day of. To be honest, aside from our formal shots, neither my husband nor I can recall a time when we looked up and saw Trevor; he is a true chameleon, yet his pictures were absolutely storybook. Trevor captured every single moment of our wedding and reception as if he were telling a story; even the moments that we never would have noticed or have been there to see!

For us, it was very important to have the traditional family portraits, along with the fun shots that are full of energy and surprise. We got them all (literally thousands) and we owe it to Trevor! I couldn't have been happier with my choice and would recommend Trevor Goldsmith to anyone out there who wants everlasting memories”.

Thank you so much for everything!

Erin & Joey
San Francisco, California


"When my husband and I decided to get married in Florida, we knew we would have to rely a great deal on reputation and the internet to do a lot of our planning. We were very nervous about this when it came to our photographer; however, the moment we saw Trevor's photographs our minds were put to ease. The way he seemed to capture every special moment of the weddings he had on his website was exactly what we were looking for. He did the exact same thing for us. Our photographs are absolutely beautiful and they tell the story of our day so perfectly Trevor even captured moments that we would have missed if it were not for him! We will treasure these photographs forever! 

Beyond doing such a wonderful job of documenting our wedding day, Trevor has been an absolute delight to work with. Whenever we have requested photograph prints, he's gotten them to us very quickly and in the most wonderful quality. We were asked by Westport Magazine if they could print the story of our wedding and Trevor was more than accommodating. He very quickly provided a plethora of shots for the wedding editor to choose from. (The photos were so great that not only were we the first page of the wedding section, but a large photo was also placed in the table of contents at the very front of the magazine!) Trevor also created Christmas cards for us with one of our favorite photos from the wedding this was so special because they are completely unique and were a wonderful way to give a wedding photo to our dear friends. (Not to mention that I did not give Trevor a great deal of time so he rushed to get me the cards within a week!) All of our friends have called to say what a beautiful photo and how delightful it was to see all of Trevor's photos from the wedding. 

We feel so lucky to have had this experience and Im sure we will be working with Trevor for years to come. I have had more than a few friends say that they would like to have Trevor as their wedding photographer and I tell them that they could not do any better honestly, I have never seen such wonderful photographs and everyone agrees. Trevor is truly top notch!!

Thank you, Trevor, for everything". 

Emily and Chris 
Darien, Connecticut


"Trevor, Now that we've had a chance to go through our wedding pictures and take in all the incredible moments and emotion that you captured that day, we wanted to let you know how happy we are with them and how much we enjoyed working with you. Photography is very important to both of us and choosing a photographer for our wedding was a huge decision that we spent a lot of time discussing. We can honestly say that we could not have made a better decision! It was such a pleasure to work with you and we're both so thrilled that you were there to share the day with us. We love how you captured every last little detail that we had spent so much time planning for and we’re amazed at how one man seemed to be everywhere at once (yet we never even knew you were there!). You were so patient, responsive, and professional throughout the planning process and we would recommend you to any couple without hesitation!

Thank you again for sharing your remarkable talent with us!"

Wendy & Harlan
New York, New York


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