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British photographer Trevor Goldsmith combines an exciting contemporary style of wedding photojournalism with the art of classic portrait and chic fashion photography. He offers a distinctively personal and tailored approach to a clientele looking for that one of a kind treatment for that one of a kind event. His unique and unobtrusive documentary approach puts Trevor Goldsmith Photography on the cutting edge of photography.

"It doesn't matter if I'm photographing a lifestyle portrait or a wedding, my focus stays the same: tell a story and capture the true essence and emotion of my subjects. The beauty is in the detail and in capturing each intimate moment forever in time".

Trevor is originally from London, England, where he studied Photography and Art & Design. After graduating in 1988, he began his photographic career working for a UK National Press Agency. His travel assignments have taken him on shoots to Antarctica, Asia, Africa, South America, South Pacific, North America and Europe.

Trevor's years of travel experience are reflected in his work through a deep respect for cultural and ethnic diversity, and by his natural sensitivity and vision to connect people with their surroundings. His carefully crafted approach captures the essence and joy of the wedding day. He offers the best in both service and product. His service is clearly on you - customer focused; you set the agenda and he will capture every moment of your special day.

"The key to photographing people is fostering a relaxed, spontaneous atmosphere. This allows the true expression of each individual's character to come through in an image".

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